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by bamounusa
Word from His Majesty Sultan King of Bamoun

Word from His Majesty Sultan King of Bamoun

Finally, the holding of the 458th edition of the Nguon, which will take place from November 29 to December 8, 2024. After five long years of absence, the Nguon is finally making its return, carried by a very special recognition: that of its inclusion on the list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
This edition represents much more than just a traditional event. Nguon is now opening up to the world, offering unprecedented opportunities and raising major issues. Indeed, the Nguon is much more than a traditional, cultural and economic meeting of the Bamoun people. It also constitutes an exceptional showcase to celebrate the richness and diversity of Bamoun culture while promoting intercultural exchanges.
It is in this positive dynamic, dear sponsors, partners, patrons, artisans, entrepreneurs, exhibitors and artists, the events marking the celebration of the 548th edition of Nguon which will take place in Foumban in 2024, represent for everyone the opportunity to participate in its way of celebrating on a national and international scale a tradition and a culture, the authenticity of which has been remarkably preserved throughout the centuries. Your support is crucial to ensure the influence and sustainability of Nguon, while contributing to the cultural and economic development of local communities.
Together, let's seize this unique opportunity to celebrate the intangible cultural heritage of humanity and participate in an event full of meaning, tradition and openness to the world. Nguon 2024 promises to be an unforgettable celebration, an event where traditions, festivities, exchanges and discoveries will combine.
Together, let us honor the Nguon and contribute to its greatness.

His Majesty
20th Sultan King of Bamoun

Word from the Executive Director

Word from the Executive Director

Your continued commitment to preserving and promoting our culture.
Dear sponsors, partners, benefactors, artisans, entrepreneurs, exhibitors and artists,
I have the honor to send you this message on behalf of the Nguon Foundation to extend a hand of collaboration to you in the success of the 548th edition which will take place from November 29 to December 8, 2024.
The standard of Nguon now resonates throughout the universe thanks to the inscription of Nguon on the prestigious representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, an honor and great pride for the Bamoun kingdom in particular and Cameroon in general. . Hence the theme of the event: “The NGUON, intangible cultural heritage of humanity, for the promotion of culture and sustainable development”.
Your unwavering support has always been the cornerstone of the success of this celebration which promotes the richness of our traditions and our cultural heritage.
On behalf of the entire organizing team, I would like to express our appreciation for your continued commitment to the preservation and promotion of our culture. Your contribution will enrich everyone’s experience, thus strengthening the ties that unite people to your company.
Rest assured that your support is not only essential to the realization of this great meeting of exchange and sharing, but also to maintaining the flame of our cultural heritage. Together, let's write a vibrant and enduring story, woven with traditions that transcend time.
I thank you for the trust, and wish you in advance a cordial welcome and a pleasant stay in the Noun.

Dr Fatimatou Poumie KOUOTOU
The Executive Director

Objectifs du Festival

  1. Increase brand awareness and recognition among a diverse and engaged audience of more than 500,000 participants from Cameroon and beyond.
  2. Highlight social responsibility and commitment to preservation and conservation
    promotion of intangible cultural heritage, as recognized by UNESCO.
  3. Establish contacts and relationships with influential actors, notably the Sultan King of the Bamouns, the
    local authorities, media and other sponsors.
  4. Access exclusive benefits, such as VIP invitations, logo affixing, coverage
    media and personalized sponsorship packages.
  5. Enjoy a memorable and enriching experience during the Nguon festival, which includes rituals
    traditions, ceremonies, dances, music, crafts and much more.

Impacts du Festival

In short
In short
  • Unifying event
  • All kinds of horizons both at the level of the bamouns and the others as well.
  • Sustaining our cultural & traditions.
  • Impregnating future generations with the traditional and cultural heritage of Bamoun and excellence in the agricultural, sporting, artisanal and economic fields.
  • Holding the Nguon is an opportunity for actors in the social economy making up 80% of the economic fabric of the Noun department to make themselves known. The Nguon offers them a platform for expression, discovery and openness to the world through the flow of visitors present in the town of Foumban.
  • The holding of the Nguon requires from the organizers the deployment of a reception system compliant with international standards capable of containing the large flow of visitors with varied profiles who will parade in the town of Foumban during the period of the event and during the preludes. It is :

    – The development of urban roads;

    – Urban electrification;

    – Sanitation of the urban landscape;

    – The construction of exhibition and reception infrastructures in the city complies with international standards.